Welcome to La Mesa Pawn Shop

La Mesa estate buyers and pawnbrokersWhen it comes to cash loans on fine jewelry and other gift assets, the pawnbrokers of La Mesa Pawn Shop are the “pawn stars” of San Diego County. Thousands of Californians have come to us to sell and pawn diamonds, gold, sterling silver, pre-owned Rolex watches, used Hermes handbags, and more. There is no reason to put your valuable credit rating in jeopardy with a cash advance on your Visa or Discover card, when you can get a fast and confidential collateral loan with La Mesa Pawn Shop today.

Think that interest charges at La Mesa pawn shops are too high? Actually, the finance rates are a lot lower than those charged by pawn shops in some other states and less than you might think. In addition, when you take out a collateral loan with us, your privacy and credit history are protected.

Let our expert appraisers evaluate the worth of your precious jewelry, loose diamonds, and other gift assets today. We finance collateral loans ranging from $2,500 to $50,000 (and beyond), depending on the resale value of your item. We are called the “pawn stars” of La Mesa because we treat every customer with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Call (619) 236-9603 to arrange your free appraisal and collateral loan consultation.

La Mesa Pawn Shop is the La Mesa pawnbroker service division of SDJB. We offer immediate cash loans on luxury collateral from its offices and showroom at the corner of E Street and 6th Ave., Downtown San Diego.