Pawn Jewelry & Diamonds

Sell Jewelry California

Never have pawned jewelry or diamonds before? No worries. La Mesa Pawn Shop makes it easy. We will explain the process clearly and simply, while providing you with the best possible cash loan on your designer jewelry and loose diamonds. Our … [Read More...]

Pawn Gold & Silver Assets

Selling Gold

With the price of gold still at high levels, La Mesa residents continue to swap their old gold for cash. Which gold buyer in La Mesa pays you more for gold? La Mesa Pawn Shop! Our profit margins are small, which means you end up with more … [Read More...]

Pawn Watches & Handbags

Rolex Buyer

Where in La Mesa can I pawn watches and handbags? La Mesa Pawn Shop! Bring in your pre-owned Patek Philippe watch, used Hermes handbag, or other luxury timepieces and purses for a free appraisal. We are ready to provide instant cash … [Read More...]

Community & Events

La Mesa Pawnbrokers Place to Excercise

At La Mesa Pawn Shop we believe in keeping fit. A healthy body makes our entire lives better, and it’s never too late to start getting active. With that in mind, take note that everything from Ballet to Zumba is offered at the La Mesa … [Read More...]